Monday, 5 April 2010

Marathon Man Completes Day 1 

Checked Gav's progress on website last night. He did first day (29km) in 5hrs 6mins and came in 598th out of 1013. Think he'll be happy enough with that- he had said he was giving himself 6 hours to finish the first day. He beat presenter Nick Hancock who did it in 5hrs 30 mins and came 730th! He also beat the bloke from Arbroath who came in 688th in 5 hrs 23mins. Olympic athlete James Cracknell is doing well though - 9th place!  It's early days but we're very proud of his achievement so far!  The website is very slow and no email from him as yet but I'm just relieved to see he's got through the first day.
(Ann Durston, our Marathon des Sables correspondent)
Weather -
Stage 1 : 04/04/2010
8h : 23°C / 25% hygrometry
12h : 33,1°C / 13,9%
After the traditional checks of the previous day, the 25th edition of the Sultan Marathon des Sables kicked off near Erfoud, in the Errachidia Province.  To find out more visit the MdS website at