Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Marathon des Sables, Monday - Day 2

Direct from Gavin : Rucksac for sale.....! 
We had an early start today and it was a really tough day. I have given up any idea of getting a good place or time. I decided to walk all of today and generally, although slow, I was consistant. I also decided that I would take time at each checkpoint to eat and rest my feet. I have a couple of hotspots on the balls of my feet and a blister on my heel, which although tender is OK. We had a 10K straight today where the temp got up to 46 degrees. I managed a good pace but just overtook people who passed me in the checkpoints.I am utterly convinced I will never do anything like this again.
Comment by Ann :
From the website I see he is in 689th place overall, which I think is very respectable.  It is going to get tougher though, today's stage is roughly 25 miles and tomorrow he will start 50 miles (which he will be able to complete on Thursday if necessary).  Friday is marathon day and Saturday is the 13 mile sprint (hobble) to the finish line!  

Makes my endeavours to do the Aviemore Half Marathon in October seem like a walk in the park!!