Sunday, 4 April 2010

Gavin is on his way
(report courtesy of Ann Durston)

Gav is surviving so far!  He has been able to text and phone regularly up til now, but once the race starts he will be out of range until the weekend.

It seems the worst part of his adventure so far was the journey to Gatwick- the weather was horrendous when I took him down to Edinburgh Airport on Wednesday and then his flight to Gatwick was delayed, so he had loads of hanging about, but he got there eventually!

After spending Thursday night in a posh hotel the competitors were bused 6 hours into the desert to the base camp where they've spent the last couple of days sorting out kit and getting medical checks authorised.  Thankfully they seem happy with his ECG , despite the fact there was initially some doubt in the UK  about an abnormality on it.  I know he's been really worried that they might not let him run and it wasn't til today that he knew for sure he would be allowed to compete!  Now he has no excuse!!

If you want to send him an encouraging email (I know he'd really appreciate it) or want to track his progress, you have to do it through the organisers web site (See details below)  you also need his race number which is 830.  !

Thanks for your support!, Ann.

You can sponsor Gavin, in aid of our new Community Hub, by visiting -

This is the link to the organisers site for news and to send messages to Gavin.
Using this link you will get an English language version.

The instructions on sending an email are in French - but don't let that put you off - here is how it seems to work :
From darbaroud home page select : Write to a competitor
Numéro de dossard -  scroll down until you find Gavins (number 830)
Expéditeur : Sender (not sure if it wants an email address but use your own email address to be safe)
Adresse de réponse : Address fro reply - your own email address
Sujet : Subject of your email 
Then fill in your message in the box below and click on Envoyer to send (You will be asked to confirm)