Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Tuesday in the Desert

From our nomadic correspondent -

Hi All, Today was 40km on the flat. I mean the flat. 1 hill and the rest was like a sheet of paper. I felt stronger today due to a better sleep. It felt hotter today and I had a 15 min rest at the last check point. Even managed a sprint(relative) finish with another GB guy. Quite funny. 
The queue for the internet is small so I've not been back to the tent yet. Feet ok but hot and a bit swollen. At CP 1 I saw my first drip person. They had the shakes and I think they were airlifted out. I have been very careful to drip enough and take enough salt tablets. I am on around 70 grams of salt a day!! Drank 6 litres and not had a pee. Lots of sweat though. 

The proclaimers are keeping me very cheery and there a few songs that make me feel very emotional! Thanks for the emails again. These really help with the mental stamina.