Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Getting the Pont

ENKCA’s monthly meeting, a talk by David Orr on maps, was conducted jointly with Meigle and District History Society and proved a great success.

Members of both groups and very welcome, unaffiliated, visitors thoroughly enjoyed David’s outline of the history of Timothy Pont’s mapmaking endeavours and a detailed discussion of the use of maps to trace the draining of Forfar Loch, and plans to turn the Dean into a canal running into to the Isla. The queue of people poring over David’s maps and discussing the finer points of local history kept David from the tea table but with waitress service, David was refreshed and the audience had their curiosity satisfied.

A combination of a Christmas sales table, a small selection of books of historical interest and a raffle raised over £100 for ENKCA’s Community Hub building funds, due to be doubled with matched funding from the Scottish Rural Development Fund.