Wednesday, 2 December 2009

School Report – from Eassie Primary School

We were very fortunate to have Mr John Swinney, MSP visit our school on Friday 13th November 2009. He had been unable to attend our 80th birthday celebration on Wednesday 11th, but took time out of his very busy schedule to come along and find out about what we had been learning.

Here are some thoughts from P1-3 about that morning:

Jakkrin: He was a nice man because he was asking politely about that we were doing.

Megan: He works for the Houses of Parliament in Scotland.

Beth: He liked all of our pictures that we did for the poem. He said they were fantastic.

Thomas L: He was asking us about Eassie School long ago. We told him that this school was built 80 years ago.

Dylan: Mr Swinney was talking about what school was like long ago when he was there.

Callum: We sang our song “Silver and Gold” and we did our poem “The Teacher’s Day in Bed”. He liked them both.

Ross: We had our photo taken with Mr Swinney.

Thomas D: Some of us told him that Marianne’s house used to be the school long ago.

Daniel: He didn’t know that teachers long ago were not allowed to be married.

Lily: The “Misses” used to live together in Marianne’s house.

Rebecca: We told him that this school was opened for the big boys and girls to do metalwork, woodwork and domestic science.