Friday, 22 February 2008

Haggis Sweepie Supper

On Wednesday night ENKCA combined the 50/50 lottery, sweepie draw with a night of entertainment for all ages.

Debra and David Ritchie won the first prize of £74.48 in the lottery.  Diane and Michael Ryan and Peter Andrews, respectively, won the two consolation prizes, each of £9.32.

The evening’s entertainment – a sort of off peak, late season Burns supper consisted of Scottish themed singing, dancing, poetry and guitar playing and a haggis, neeps and tattie supper.

The running order was unusual but highly successful, arranged by height – or age – amounting to roughly the same thing. The ice was broken with a rousing version of Tattie Soup sung by the pupils of Eassie Primary School, accompanied by Musical Mo, Anne Durston. The Individual acts started with solo performer, five year old Thomas - at somewhere around three foot - who welcomed the audience with his well worn introduction, “Hello,” and moved into an emotional rendition of the The Wee Dug. The programme then ran through the pupils of Eassie PS, under the guidance of Mrs Andrews. Each year group provided its own Scots poetry, impressively denounced and impeccably introduced with the name of its title and author. This multitude of fine performances is a tribute their tutor Condra Kerr.
By P7, we had reached the Burns’ ‘Address To a Haggis’ and after some skeely Scottish country dancing from the pupils, augmented by school secretary and sometime dance coach, Marianne Jenkins, the dancers, many in nifty tartan skirts and sashes, led the assembly to the supper room.

In strictly alphabetical order, the Mrs Jane Brewster, Fiona Brown, Mary Marshall and Diane Ryan served up a supper that ranked ‘abune them aa’ while Chairman Michael Ryan counted the takings – an impressive and much appreciated £86. Congratulations and thanks to all who contributed, in any way, to that figure.

Some younger – and one or two older - members of the audience who needed their beds took advantage of the opportunity to get away home just after their supper. The considerable majority who stayed on were privileged to hear the oldest and by far the tallest turn of the evening. Donald Clerk, around twice the height and ten times as old as Thomas. An experienced Burns Night entertainer, Donald didn’t dance, but sang, accompanied himself on the guitar, recited ‘To a Mouse’ and ‘To a Louse’ and told his tales.

All in all a great evening and, for anyone who is disappointed they missed the fun - get along to ENKCA Community Hall at Balkeerie on Friday night for a Bingo and Coffee Evening under the auspices of Eassie and Nevay SWRI on Friday 22nd 7.30 pm – Entrance only £1!!!