Monday, 18 February 2008

50/50 - The ENKA Sweep

"What if we ran a lottery where none of the prize-money left our local area and all of the profits benefited our community?"
This was the thinking which has given rise to the ENKCA 50/50 sweep, a draw in which 50% of the money is given in prizes and 50% benefits our community.
Many forms of lottery provide those participating with only a very small chance of winning, often 1 in several millions and even though the prizes may seem quite large they actuallpy return only a small proportion of the money invested. We wanted anyone entering our lottery to have quite a good chance of winning. We wanted it to be inexpensive enough so most people could afford to enter and have the flexibility so that people could take out extra entries if they could afford it and to increase there chances.
The ENKCA lottery has the following rules:
* Entries cost £5  for  three (either 1 entry for 3 months or 3 entries for 1 month).
* There is no limit to the number of entries an individual may hold.
* The prize fund will be fifty percent of the value of entries sold. with a first prize of 80% of the prize fund and two consolation prizes, each of 5% of the prize fund.
* After three months the distribution of prizes will be reviewed but the fund will always be 50% of the money taken.
* The prize will normally be drawn at a hall event, by an independent judge, on the Wednesday of the third week of every calendar month.
* No number will be eligible for a draw unless paid for in advance.
* Minimum entry is for 3 months but members can pay for 6 months or 12 months.
* Results will be posted at the Community Hall Balkeerie, notified to the Forfar Dispatch, and summarised in issues of the Community Newsletter. They will be sent to anyone on the community news email mailing list.
* Anyone may request that they be notified directly by email
* All profits will be applied to support the Eassie, Nevay and Kirkinch Community Association Hall rebuilding fund.

Over the next few weeks we will be offering everyone in the community the opportunity to join the draw. In the meantime you can get ahead of the crowd by telephoning 01307 840 364.