Tuesday, 11 May 2010

P-P-P-Plant Sale

The annual May plant sale was another success - despite a number of adverse factors. The weather was bitterly cold on the day, the snow and frosts of past weeks and months damaged seedlings and even one greenhouse in contributors’ gardens and there were a number of other events in the surrounding area competing for the attention of the paying public.

Nonetheless, bedding plants, perennials and bulbs sold well to those who attended and ENKCA’s White Elephant stall of quality goods, raffle and book sale added up to a total of £574.23 banked.

The great thing that our contributors and customers should bear in mind about that figure is that if we use the Gift Aid scheme to claim back tax paid by contributors, that figure could increase by a further £100 or more. Our eligibility for matched funding through the Scottish Rural Development Programme means that the combined figure, raised from the sale and Gift Aid, will be matched by SRDP, giving us well over £1,000.
Thanks to all who helped on ENKCA stalls, School tombola, Church Coffee Morning and WRI produce stall.

Local plant lovers – particularly those who missed Saturday’s sale - can turn their attention now to ENKCA’s plant stall due to open at Sandy Patullo’s Eassie Asparagus shop as soon as the weather allows the asparagus to come on stream and enables Sandy to open the shop.

On sale we have - perennials such as foxgloves, Jacob’s ladder, golden rod, cranesbill, bugle, geum, bleeding heart, campanula, mints and lemon balm, crocosmia and snowdrop bulbs and golden privet plants.

Anyone with plants to donate to the stall should contact Jane or Sine, or leave a message by clicking on the comments box below.