Monday, 3 May 2010

Desert Song

Local hero, Gavin Durston, who returned recently, victorious, from his successful completion of the gruelling Marathon des Sables relived the experience. Gavin spoke to a packed classroom in Eassie School, showing film of the marathon and images of the competitors and their war wounds. He demonstrated the weight and content of his pack, strapping his full kit bag to a volunteer from the audience who was required to stand, laden, throughout the presentation to experience a fraction of Gavin’s task in running 250km, over difficult – at times steep, sandy or rocky – terrain, burdened in full Sahara Desert heat.

Gavin, who finished 469th of 926 competitors, is due to gather in close to £7,000 for ENKCA’s fund to replace our now demolished village hall with a new community Hub.

When volunteer, David, had been unburdened, the audience was invited to inspect the contents of the pack and to sample some of the high energy, easy prep, food which sustained Gavin over the duration of the event.

The regular 50/ 50 lottery winners were drawn by Dr Norena McAdam from Cortachy. Ian & Jennifer Duncan of Glamis won first prize - £74.08p. Runners up, Linda and David Brown of Denoon, and June Scrimgeour of Kirriemuir claimed their rewards of £9.26p.