Saturday, 28 June 2008

Social General Meeting

Great good news was announced at ENKCA’s Social General Meeting held in Eassie School on Wednesday, 25th June. With the school roll rising from fourteen pupils in the current session to nineteen in the forthcoming academic year, Eassie School is to have an additional teacher. The post has been filled and the upper classes are already looking forward to meeting their new class teacher next term.

ENKCA’s new Chair, Fiona Brown, led the meeting, reviewed the past year and expressed her appreciation for the continued support of so many people in the community in many different ways. Former Chair, Michael Ryan, who has stepped down to concentrate on the application to build the new hall, spoke on the progress of the project. Michael presented a graphic, on-screen review of the history of the hall, its transfer to ENKCA, the fundraising process and the plans and aspirations for the new building. David Ritchie presented a statement on the current finances.

Paul Phillipson-Masters stepped down from the board of directors and Bruce Pattullo was elected into the vacant seat, unopposed.

Provost Leslie Melville and Cllr Alison Andrews were in attendance and Cllr Andrews drew the lottery. First prize of £78 went to Ernest and Jayne Charlton, and consolation prizes of £9.75 went to Ian and Dorothy Christie and to Jill Hamilton.

A number of children joined the meeting for the social part of the evening, with refreshments prepared and served by directors.