Thursday, 24 April 2008

Support for Eassie School

The campaign to save the school is going strong. The media is following the progress of the battle with Angus Council. Courier and Press and Journal are covering and updating the story and Gavin Durston and two of his children appeared on STV News 'North Tonight' on Wednesday. The girls' performance, speaking on TV, was a credit to the school and demonstrated the quality of pupil that Eassie Primary produces.

The following letter appeared in the Courier:

Destroying Community
Sir,—I was saddened to read about the proposed closure of Eassie school. When will Angus councillors stop destroying the local community?
I have attended many evenings at which the children of the school performed for the community and the pride these children have in their school is very evident, perhaps the director of education should take time to attend some shows before deciding to rip the heart out of the community.

Condra Kerr.
14 Parkhill Place,