Sunday, 20 April 2008

Planned Closure of Eassie School Threatens Community

Angus Council intends to close Eassie Primary School by the end of this term.
The council will vote on the closure in approx 5 weeks time.

There is to be a Parent Council meeting on Monday, 21st April, at 8pm, at the school

Parent Council is keen to have as great an input from the community as possible, so EVERYONE IS WELCOME

Gavin Durston, Chair of Eassie School Council, says, “If we can save the school this time, legislation is being introduced in Edinbugh next week which will make this school closure virtually impossible by the end of this year. It is going to be a difficult fight but if we win it, Eassie will be safe for the foreseeable future.

The coalition in Angus council has made a decision but there are a number who are very uncomfortable with it. We can put pressure on them and if we press the right buttons we can do this.

Eassie is a very good school, with a very good HMIe report, in a very good community and it is worth fighting for, but the next few weeks will take a lot of time and effort from everyone, but I am convinced we can do it.”

Ann Durston says, “Everyone who has the slightest concern about our community should try to attend the meeting. If they cannot attend but want to help please forward an email address so that we can keep them in the loop.”