Monday, 10 March 2008

Mongol Rally

The latest excitement on the horizon – as if lambing, Easter and school holidays weren’t enough – is that Eleanor and Martin Gledhill are to be reliving their 8,720 mile road trip through Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan and Siberia to Mongolia on the 2007 Mongol Rally, in the community hall at Balkeerie Wednesday 19th March at 7.30 pm Admission £2 All welcome!

The car freaks - the favourite in their garage begins with a P and has a little horse rearing up on the boot and bonnet – chose an eleven year old Fiat Punto, covered in smartie patterned, stickyback plastic for the rally which included 2,000 miles off road, not the least of which were clocked crossing the Gobi desert.

Remarkably, when the Gledhills arrived in Ulaan Baatar they uncoverd a story there even more staggering than the events of their long drive. They found the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation, a charity set up by an Irish woman, rescuing children and young people, literally, from the sewers.

Eleanor, a keen gardener, is now organising Giant Cabbage growing contests and street parties in Scotland to raise funds for the foundation in Ulaan Baatar, and finding practical ways of helping the foundation to achieve its wish list.

And of course, ENKCA 50/50 draw - 1st prize currently over £70 and rising! – will be drawn at 7.30 pm on Wednesday 19th March immediately before the Mongol Rally talk

Sweepstake tickets - £5 for three. To join, phone Diane Ryan – 01307 840364