Thursday, 25 October 2007

Bat Night

It is a privilege to listen to someone who can bring a subject to life and infect you with their enthusiasm. Anne Youngman is such a speaker and the sizeable audience for her bat night talk at The Community Hall, Balkeerie came away from the event with greater understanding of bats and an insight into the passion for wildlife which they can engender.
Anne, Scottish Bat Officer for the Bat Conservation Trust, introduced us to these delightful mammals and gave technigues for distinguishing between the commoner species. She confronted the myths which lead to misunderstandings about bats pointing out that of the 1100 varieties world-wide only three sustain themselves on blood and even these are far removed from the aggressive 'vampire' bats of fiction. Other common misconceptions are that bats are blind and that they frequently get tangled in someone's hair - both are far from the truth.
Anne went on to explain how simple measures can help maintain and improve the bat population, currently in decline in many areas, and issued an invitation to join in with local bat surveys.
A talk enjoyed by the many adults in attendance - a pity no children came as it would have inspired them.

Find out more about bat conservation and the Bat Conservation Trust :

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