Monday, 16 January 2012

ENKCA is currently looking for a volunteer to help edit the events and news pages. You could be that person and the time commitment would only be of the order of 15 to 30 minutes a week.
Anyone who can use a computer for email or text editing  should be able to learn how to update the pages in a very short time - under an hour. Training will be given and support is always available from other members of ENKCA.
Would "ENKCA online editor ". . . look good on your CV ?
If you are interested, please contact for more information 

ENKCA Newsround - situation vacant
A quick catch up of some news - ENKCA 50/50 sweepstake winners, with apologies to all those concerned and especially to Margaret Mowatt who runs this valuable fundraising service for the community. We all appreciate the work Margaret does and offer her our great thanks. Margaret collects the money, arranges the draw by an independent volunteer, delivers prizes to winners and diligently conveys results to the blog editor who has been struggling to maintain the blog over recent months and has now decided to step down from that post.
Anyone interested in taking on what has for the most part been an interesting and entertaining job, working on the blog will be warmly welcomed. It is a good way of meeting people in the community and keeping up to date with what is happening in the area. Training and support will be given; it is not very difficult and is an ideal opportunity to learn new computing skills in a voluntary capacity with the reward of seeing your contribution appear on line. Contact us via the comments section below, by speaking to a director or clicking on any publicity link in the website.
October - at Eassie School, drawn by Mrs McIntosh. 1st prize of £71.33 to Alison & Billy Ross, Eassie; runner up prizes of £8.92 to Dave & Isobel Christie, Eassie and Sheila Stewart, Balkeerie.
November - 1st prize of £71.33 to Audrey Duffy, Balkeerie; runners up prizes of £8.92 to Jim Nicolson, Eassie and Ann Durston, Balkeerie.
December - at the Royal Bank, Blairgowrie, drawn by Jade Johnston. 1st prize of £71.33 to Linda & David Brown, Denoon; runners up prizes of £8.92 to Fiona & Gordon Brown, Balkeerie and James Brewster, Denoon.

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