Sunday, 25 September 2011

Pudding Night

Pudding Night enticed the sweet toothed out for an evening of indulgence.
A wide range was on offer from chocolate tart and rich, sticky, baked puddings with custard or toffee sauces to airy meringues.
All were home made, there were traditional baked puddings and cleverly concocted combinations of prepared foods, sweet, spicy, fruity and sharp puddings.
The evening brought out a some members of the community who don't get out as often as they should.
We had - and still have some - books of recipes of the sweets prepared for the evening, on sale at £3.50.
There was tea, coffee and juice avaialble for anyone who felt that a surfeit of pudding had left them with a drouth.
Thanks should go to all pudding makers, those who helped setting up and clearing up and those who braved the elements to attend!
Donations were exchanged for take away puds, which made a pleasant surprise when found in piece boxes next day. After expenses, takings at door, for recipe books and donations for take- aways brought in £166.87 for ENKCA funds.
The September ENKCA lottery draw took place at Eassie School on 21st Sept, drawn by Mrs McIntosh, Eassie School. First prize of £75.33 went to Malcolm & Sheena Stewart, Newtyle; Runners up prizes of £9.42 went to Dave & Isobel Christie, Eassie and to Ann Durston, Balkeerie.

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