Monday, 13 June 2011

Another Year, Another Nine Maidens
One group set out from Easter Denoon and another from Glen Ogilvy and, after a lovely walk in the sunshine, saw figures emerging from the Other Side!
We landed at the bridge at precisely the same time. Some new faces were introduced,
a dram was taken from the Nine Maidens Quaich and a bit of orientation was given.
The united group set off for the Eassie side, stopping on the way at the Haining, an old staging post.
We enjoyed the best weather we've ever had for the walk, and before we knew it we were nearly home.
where we saw the old doocot at Wester Denoon with nest boxes for the doos (doves /pigeons)
and admired the view of Denoon Law, an ancient fortification, in the foreground and Kirriemuir in the distance.
Next priority was to get to the hall for a community buffet - good food, good company, good cheer, where we were joined by some who couldn't walk for good reasons and some for their own reasons!
Neil took the opportunity to remind us of the Nine Maidens legend
which some had heard before; some had never imagined such things were possible.
It was a lovely repast with a complimentary raffle, and the day raised £270 for ENKCA funds,
and Neil brought out some of his latest records - 78s of course. He may be taking his gramophone on the walk next year - it doesn't need electricity, it's a wind-up (and to think people thought Trevor Bayliss was on to something new when he brought out his wind up radio!)

Thanks to all who contributed to a great day, and kind thoughts to those who would have liked to join us, but couldn't, for many reasons.

50 /50 Lottery winners for May were - Shona and Bob Wallace, Kirriemuir - £74.67; Marianne Jenkins, Balkeerie £9.33, Mirriam Cosgrove, Kirkinch £9.33.

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