Thursday, 5 May 2011

Saturday Morning Art Class

A group enjoyed a successful day under the tutelage of John Stoa. The class was tailored to the individual needs of participants who worked in a choice of media from photographs they brought along with them.

And because it was more than a Saturday morning class - an all day class, in fact - it stopped for a meal - which appears to have gone down well.

And just to show off many aspects of our lovely hall, while all this was going on, the main hall was being decked out for a private function, which looks very glamorous. The party left a very gracious 'Thank you' for the service they received from ENKCA which was very much appreciated.

If you would like to run a sophisticated event in our smart hall, a bowl of soup in the cafe or a quiet session in a darkened room, go to our home page and look for 'Booking Our Hall' where you will see the facilities we have on offer at bargain prices.

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