Saturday, 26 March 2011

Opening Day at Our New Hall

Lord Eassie did the honours,

speaking of the admiration our efforts have earned and the need to bring users in to the hall.

The children of Eassie Primary School serenaded us with a reminder of our ecological obligations

Friends gathered from near and far to celebrate

Hall project manager, Michael Ryan, with Lord and Lady Eassie and the plans for the hall

not just resting on our laurels but planning for the future.

Gratifying to see such a range of friends and well wishers.

Ross, the youngest pupil in school presented Lady Eassie with a basket of flowers
and Sheila Stewart presented Lord Eassie with a bottle of whisky.

Not just a formal event but an occasion for great happiness.

On his last official duty, local MSP, John Swinney, chatted to Lord Eassie while local ladies admired our state of the art video presentation screen.

Lord and Lady Eassie seem pleased with their gifts; we hope Lord Eassie will appreciate the 'spirit' of his gift when he gets home tonight.

Thank you to all who helped - in any capacity - to put on a memorable opening day; to those who set up the hall or tidied up afterwards, those who helped with sponsorship, gifts, donations and publicity, those who tidied the grounds, supplied floral displays inside and out or parked the cars, those who provided culinary support at home and or in the hall, those meeting, greeting, providing guided tours or serving refreshments, and the raffle ticket sellers who sold £170 tickets for our May music festival Grand Prize raffle. A special thank you to Eassie School choir for our entertainment.

Finally, a small expression of the thanks of the whole community to Michael Ryan, who has driven the project forward, from its beginnings as a dream, through several nightmare scenarios, to its very real presence.

Good Night and Joy be with you all!

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