Thursday, 17 March 2011

Fill–dyke February*

A somewhat belated round up of the more visible and completed of our February activities which represent only a part of the hard work and efforts many people continually put into the community to keep ENKCA and our magnificent new hall running smoothly.

Some people wield pens, some electric drills, it may be a sweeping brush or a catalogue of supplies, people may go into dark corners with a hand held torch or sit at a smart computer, some people are close to wearing out the seat of their pants from regular attendance at meetings, others fear burns from the use of red hot phone lines. We are all working for the same cause, and have to negotiate ENKCA duties round our home and work lives.

The February draw for ENKCA was drawn by Audrey Duffy at the very well attended and popular, after school, racquet club in Eassie Hall on Wed 23 February. First prize, £74.67 went to Ann Wilson of Harryhill Steadings; runners up were Ann Thorpe, Charleston and John Brewster Denoon, both of whom won £9.33.
If you would like to join the ENKCA 50/ 50 lottery, please contact Margaret Mowatt at Eassie Station on 840447.

On Wednesday evening, 16th Feb, as part of our regular monthly ENKCA meetings, Phil Jenkins gave us a comprehensive outline of the geology of Scotland and although he had a disappointingly small audience, he agreed it had quality stamped through it like a stick of confectioner’s rock. Most members of the audience had a question to ask and it was clear that they followed Phil’s exposition with interest and enthusiasm.

It was very encouraging to the usual ENKCA suspects, that the small audience included new, and very welcome, faces attracted by the advance notice of Phil’s talk. The rock cakes were much appreciated by all who attended – no cakes have survived to pose for pix, tasters are all well.

Two days later, Friday 18th the hall was stowed out for a Zumba night, arranged by Leona Joiner of Charleston, with the help of Tay FM, in aid of Cash for Kids.

The evening brought an influx of yet more new faces to take in the facilities available in the hall and saw a number of weel kent faces - and derrieres - rocking and rolling to the Zumba beat. (When we have the figure raised, this post will be updated with that.)

With scarcely time to dismantle and reassemble our versatile staging system, Eassie and Nevay SWRI held a successful fashion show which stretched ENKCA’s tea making facilities. We look forward to seeing the Rural ladies in their finery in the near future – maybe at the official opening of the hall. (This post will be updated as soon as pix are available)

*Fill–dyke February – a traditional name for the month which brings rain to fill the ditches – dykes as they are called in the North of England. Is it comforting or depressing to think that the recent weather is so much part of what we should expect in February, that it is written into the language?

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