Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Walking for Strawberries

ENKCA’s now traditional strawberry tea was another great success.

Almost thirty people walked from Eassie Kirk to Kirkinch, visited the old kirkyard, studied some gravestones and walked back.

The fact that our three year old and five year old walkers had shorter legs than most was no hindrance to their ability to make the journey, sustained only by a well deserved cake of chocolate, halfway.

Our five year old was also an admirable interpreter of the gravestones and managed to read the inscriptions to those whose eyesight was not as good as hers.

"built by subscribers", a reminder that our fund raising is nothing new

The return trip ended in Kirkgate, Balkeerie where Fiona and Gordon Brown generously hosted the strawberry tea, with the support of friends who contributed an imaginative selection of strawberry based treats.

The peripatetic plant stall popped up in the garden with a selection beginning with achillea, alchemilla mollis, anaphalis and astrantia.

Rebecca Hamilton and Susan McLaren kindly drew the 50/50 lottery. Jim Nicholson won first prize of £74.08; two consolation prizes of £9.62 went to Linda and David Brown and Linda Breckenridge.

The teas and a sale of jams, tablet and soft fruit raised £200 and the plant stall £28. Thanks to all who contributed home bakes and jams, set the tables, washed the dishes, potted plants and spent money.

A special thank you to John and Rebecca Hamilton for the use of their photographs.

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