Monday, 15 June 2009

A Grand Day Out

Plants with roots in New Zealand

Members of the community of both genders joined Eassie WRI or 'the Rural', to visit Gardening Scotland at Ingliston showground, recently.

‘Wildlife in the Garden’ involved wild flowers and a hot tub in the garden. The Rural President and her husband looked very interested in the prospect!

The day was a great success, blessed with sunshine, a wide selection of plants, exhibitors with a wealth of experience and good company amongst the travellers and fellow visitors to the show.

The mini, ‘palette gardens’ proved eye catching.

The bust of Robert Burns was an ambitious project for school pupils, but raised a smile. A red eyed Burns is reading a book made - as paper is – of woven wood, held at the end of an arm of zonal pelargoniums. He seems to be reading his own poem, To a Mountain Daisy.

A day at the show was scarcely enough to see it all and photography was not a priority, so the images don’t do justice to the extent of the exhibits.

A meal in Perth broke the return journey and wound the day up nicely.