Friday, 19 June 2009

£500 from BP

A pipline carrying 20% of UK energy as crude oil runs from the North Sea to Grangemouth. On its way it lies beneath Angus farmland, part of it in the ENKCA area. BP operates a schools reward initiative in which each of 5 rural schools are provided with £500 for every 6 months that passes without an infringement on the pipeline wayleave. Such an infringement would endanger the integrity of the pipeline by conducting unauthorised excavation or similar work close to the pipeline.
On Tuesday 16th June Ged Alison, one of BP's representatives charged with supervision of the pipeline wayleave, came to Eassie School to present a cheque to ENKCA for the new Community Hub, because of the benefit the hub will provide the school through provision of PE facilities.
The cheque was gratefully accepted on ENKCA's behalf by pupils from the school.