Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Sunflower Competition

The Fyles boys and Dad looking remarkably natural as they review this year's sunflower crop

It has not been the season for sunflowers in the ENKCA area - with one notable exception. Our sunflowers did not appreciate the summer weather, but credit must go to those who managed to produce sunflowers and were willing to put them forward to be judged. As a result, those who asked for the judges to measure their sunflowers were all greenfingered winners. All were presented with book tokens kindly donated by Sylvia Fleming who organised the competition.

Children: Rory and George Fyles, 55”, 54.5” Chloe Stewart, 36”, all from Eassie.

Adults: Babs Butchart, Castleton, 85” (7 ft 1in)

Stop Press - There may be a steward's enquiry since it was pointed out that Babs is the daughter in law of a famous 'giant vegetable' gardener, Bob Butchart, who happened to be the winner of Eleanor Gledhill's Giant Cabbage competition in aid of the Christina Noble Fund for Children Mongolian project and Bob scooped the prize at the weigh-in held last month at Kookaburra's outside Forfar.

Congratulations to the Butchart family - next event on our agenda may be a course on how to grow giant crops, with each member of the Butchart family consulting on their own special crop.