Friday, 25 April 2008

Angus Councillors reject Education Committee’s Recommendation on Eassie School

On Thursday, the Angus Council Education Committee voted 11-8 NOT to take the issue of Eassie school closure to Formal Consultation. Good news, we thought, but alas! the full Council meeting, which followed immediately after that of the Education Committee, overturned the recommendation of the Education Committee by 15 -14, one vote.

Gavin Durston chair of Eassie School Parents Association and other campaigners talk to local councillor, Allison Andrews, after the meeting.

It was apparent that there was no educational argument for closing the school, which received a first class HMIe report.
Education Convenor, Peter Neild said the ONLY reason the issue was up for consultation was because of the concern over the state of the community hall which was used by the school for PE. The hall is now closed and the pupils are travelling to Newtyle for PE lessons, once a week.

If Eassie School is closed, the default position is that pupils will be enrolled at Newtyle School, and travel there daily.

With plans well under way to fund the rebuilding of the hall, and the Big Lottery encouraging the application for the major funding, we fully expect that the construction of the hall will begin in Spring 2009.

The provision of PE for the pupils is therefore fully catered, in the immediate and longer future.

We believe that in the Glamis, Airlie, Eassie, Balkeerie, Kirkinch, and Newtyle areas, the number of properties currently for sale, or likely to be up for sale or rent in the next year, combined with the number of new houses being planned or built, is such that the capacity of Glamis, Airlie and Newtyle schools could soon be stretched.

If this is an accurate forecast, it appears that Eassie School could be vital to the provision of primary school education in the area.