Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Fun was had . . . and profit too

The Strawberry Tea which took place on Sunday (2nd September) proved to be a successful community social event which reached capacity despite competition from major functions close by.
Some of the more energetic members of the community took part in the jogging associated with the day (ENKCA now has a thriving jogging group which welcomes beginners who want to become fitter).
More than 40 people sat down to enjoy a feast of strawberries, pancakes, cream and home-made preserves with tea and soft-drinks available in abundant amount.
A variety of home-baking, local vegetables, preserves and other goods were available for purchase and the participants went home well fed, and well burdended. All food consumed at the event and all the items for purchase were donated by members of the community ensuring that all purchases were bargains yet Hall funds received a welcome boost.
Thanks go to all those who donated goods including:
Alison Wilson (Glorious Strawberries)
Gavin and Gail Robertson (Robertson's Dairies) for the delicious cream and mIlk.
Isobel Christie, Fiona Brown (wonderful jam and preserves)
Muriel Edwards (Pancakes)
Thanks to Denise Mellish for organising the races.
A special thanks to Sylvia Flemming and Sine Robertson for sorting out the junk valuable second-hand goods on the stage.

Others contributing to the success of the event in preparation or on the day include (in alphabetical order):
Linda Breckenridge
Jane, John, Robert and Andrew Brewster
Gordon Brown
Miriam Cosgrove
Ann & Gavin Durston,
Margaret and Ken Durston
Miranda Fotheringham
Marianne, Philip and Peter Jenkins
Mary Marshall
Debra and David Ritchie
Anna Rizza
Michael Ryan
Jane Scrimgeour
Alison and Bruce Tod

In fact so many people did something that I have probably missed someone important - let me know and I'll add you in.

We can also feel sorry for those who wanted to attend but were unable to - these included :
The Yules, the Lawrences, the Ryans and Pam Shaw - all of who tendered their apologies and regrets.

STOP PRESS : £260 raised to Hall rebuilding fund

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