Thursday, 10 May 2007

The one-time blocked toilet is now hopefully back in action due to the efforts of Gordon Brown in obtaining some magic potion which, when tipped down the soil pipe, seems to have spirited the obstruction away.

The ENCA Committee consists of Linda Breckenridge, Fiona Brown, Miriam Cosgrove, Philip Jenkins, David Lawrence, Paul Phillipson-Masters, David Ritchie, Michael Ryan, Michelle Wilkinson and Stuart Wright.
Last night there was a Committee meeting which started at 7.15 pm and went on until 9.15. A lot of business was covered from details of the current state of ourmove to becoming an incorporated association to planning for the upcoming AGM.
Sadly Stuart, David L. and Paul couldn't make the meeting due to work and family comitments but they are keeping quite busy with other ENCA projects.

Fiona, Michael and Debra Ritchie were also at a meeting this afternoon with Andrew Bauer, or Big Lottery adviser. Andrew was very patient in answering a host of questions posed concerning issues raised by the process of applying for BL funding during the session which lasted for more than two hours.

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