Saturday, 5 May 2007

The family quiz night last night, organised by Ann and Gavin Durston, was a tremendous success.
Their quizzes are gaining a reputation for being excellent social affairs with an edge of competition and fun all round.
Proceeds from this event (more than £600) are going to VetAid, helping the third world.
Early morning work by Gavin and his daughter have seen the debris from last night cleared and the hall is now ready for its next event, a private party.

Thanks go to Miriam Cosgrove. It was a long day for Miriam on Thursday. Having opened the School at 0630 for the election and closed it after 2200 she found time in between to see to the removal of redundant kitchen equipment and the stowing away of new tools which help bring food preparation in the hall towards modern standards. Thanks also to Debra Ritchie for locating funds for the materials and ordering them up.

Earlier today Andy Blackie and Michael Ryan were working on the toilet blockage which, despite warning notices, seems to have been caused by inappropriate material having been put down the ladies toilet. After wrestling with out of date plumbing resort had to be made to chemical cleaner. We won't know until tomorrow if the technology has worked.

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