Saturday, 21 April 2007

The Refrigerator
We don't use our refrigerator very often. Unlike a domestic unit, or those on commercial premises, which are on all day and every day, ours is only in action when there is an event in the hall requiring food products or drinks to be kept fresh or cold whilst the event is running. This has created problems.
As you may well be aware an unused 'fridge has a tendency to become mouldy even if cleaned quite well - but generally only if the door is closed. For some time now there has been a silent and unintended battle waging at the hall between those propping the door open who are clearly aware of this phenomenon, and those eager to keep the fridge door closed either for tidiness or because they fear it may get dusty.
Dust is less of a problem than mould since, immediately prior to an event, it may readily be removed with a wipe of bicarbonate of soda solution. Mould needs more attention.
Well thanks are due to Audrey Duffy and Jane Brewster for removing several weeks worth of mould from the source of our Cool (not a pleasant task).
Hopefully the recently attached notice will serve to remind people of the dangers of closed doors.

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