Saturday, 28 April 2007

Not so Silent Auction
Eassie and Nevay Church lies close by our hall in Balkeerie. An older now ruined building which once served as Eassie Church, lies in Eassie village proper on a small mound at the side of the burn. The similarly ruined church of Nevay also tops a rise but this time in the hamlet of Kirkinch.
The working church shares a minister, the Rev. Carleen Robertson, with the church of Newtyle and has a vigorous congregation, many of whom are involved throughout the community.
Yesterday evening Eassie and Nevay Church, the congregation, held a fund-raising 'silent auction' in the Community Hall at Balkeerie. It was well attended and, apart from the fun to be had attempting to outbid friends and neighbours for a variety of objects, proved to be an enjoyable social occasion. Wine and soft-drinks were available to complement an ample supply of tasty savoury snacks.
It is a benefit of a silent auction that whilst the bidding may be without sound there are plenty of opportunities for conversation.

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