Monday, 26 February 2007

We have a community newsletter which is distributed both to members and friends of the community. When the newsletter copy is ready it goes to Stuart W. who arranges for it to be printed by H.B.Rutherford and Co, Ltd. We are grateful to them for their support which results in high quality copies in full colour. Elaine W. is in charge of our mailing list, and hand delivered copies are distributed by Mary M., Linda Bre., Jane Brewster, Audrey D. and Diane Ryan. The latest edition of the newsletter (February) ran to 4 sides of A4 and gave details of the current thinking about the hall design.
The current specification for the hall is the result of more than two years of consultation with the community at large and groups who use the existing hall. Soon we will be getting results from our community questionnaire which provides another opportunity for people to suggest changes to the specification. At that point we will be ready to ask our architects to come up with the first firm draft for the new hall.
Michelle W. has agreed to take over the editing of the Community Newsletter. We have gradually been increasing the frequency with which this is published and hopefully it will become more regular.

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